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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Our friend here, who was at Nationals Park to cheer on the visiting Pirates against the home team last night, never quite reaches the raw sadness of Sad Cubs Kid, but that's because he never really had much hope. You can tell by his face; he knew where this was going from the start.


He's trying to convince himself that everything is going to be all right after Mark Melancon issues a walk to Jayson Werth— It's fine. Just one guy on base. We've got one out already. This is totally fine—but the dread has already started to set in. He reaches the "Fuck this, I hate baseball" stage well before the tying run crosses the plate.

But then! A glimmer of hope! The Pirates escape the ninth with the score still tied at five. They still have a chance! That hope is short-lived, though, as the little guy has his night ruined by a sac fly, the lamest play to lose a baseball game on. That face he makes at the end there, the one that makes him look like he just smelled a fart while simultaneously remembering that he forgot to do all of his homework, is as good an argument as any against sports fandom. Sports can suck, man.

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