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Your 2007 Los Angeles Dodgers: Taste The Excitement

The Dodgers on Thursday threw up a smoke screen to hide a rise in ticket prices, and it's a pretty effective one. A ticket in the right-field bleachers has gone up four bucks, to $10, but with that you get all the Dodger Dogs you can eat. Eric Gagne for an endless supply of weiners? Sounds fair to us.

But before we venture out into the bleachers this season, we want to know three things: Is the structural integrity of the support beams routinely checked? Will Takeru Kobayashi be allowed up there? And what's the restroom situation? This could give the Dodgers their own special version of Sausage Racing.


There's nothing about this over at the Tommy Lasorda blog, where you'd expect in-depth coverage. Tommy instead uses his most recent post to deny any involvement in the Robert Kennedy assassination.

Fans Get Right To Be Stuffed [Los Angeles Times]

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