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Your 2010 Deadspin Sports Human Of The Year Nominees Are...

A cavalcade of athletes gone astray from their moral core, rambunctiously violent media personalities, accidental female empowerers, and a mysterious man in a mask. See them all below.

Remember Tiger Woods was last year's winner in a runaway victory. His prodigious coozehounding shocked the world, destroyed his golf game, killed his marriage, and cost him millions in sponsorship money and alimony.


This year, he's just happy to eat mac and cheese with his kids and ready to return to being the bland banana-in-the-tailpipe dude who just happens to be the best golfer on the planet. I'm sure he is happy to abdicate his throne to one of these fine Sports Humans:

1. Brett Favre
2. LeBron James
3. Karen F. Owen
4. Jay Mariotti
5. Jason Whitlock
6. Dude Getting Blown By Dog
7. The Machine
8. Ines Sainz

Favre is the heavy favorite, obviously, but remember that upsets are possible in SHOTY. Just ask Baby Mangino, who probably weighs close to 200 lbs. by this point.


Voting begins Monday.

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