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Goddammit, life would really be a lot easier if people would stop reminding us that the unpaid laborers running around in Nike-sponsored apparel (available at the campus bookstore!) making millions of dollars for Myles Brand, Billy Packer and bookies everywhere ... we wish people would stop reminding us that they're "students," who "study" and go to "class." Honestly; we're trying to get all full of the madness here.

Sigh. Fine. The total spoilsports at Tax Prof Blog have looked at the graduation rates for all 65 teams in the tournament and filled out a bracket accordingly. And, fancy pants, Duke isn't in the Final Four; they actually don't make it to the Sweet 16 (UNC Wilmington does them in). The actual Final Four: UNC Wilmington, Villanova, Illinois (yay!) and eventual champion Bucknell.


This, of course, is mere academic prattle, and we won't have any of it! We have faces to paint and nachos to digest!

NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket By Graduation Rate Of Players [Tax Prof Blog]

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