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Your Afternoon Michael Vick Update

It's been about five hours since we did a Michael Vick update. About that time, don't you think?

First off, here's some fun with timing: Nike was supposed to introduce a new Michael Vick branded shoe in about three weeks. Ooops. So far, Nike isn't commenting on the whole endeavor, but, you know, if it comes out, you know what's about to become your puppy's favorite chew toy.


Meanwhile, the NFL is sticking by its "Vick hasn't been convicted of anything and therefore can't be suspended" theory, which is funny, particularly for Pac Man Jones, who's gonna miss a whole season for an offense he wasn't convicted of. (Or even arrested for.) ESPN has a great legal Q&A that shows Mexico's in real trouble.

Oh, and Kissing Suzy Kolber has another offseason Vick update. And LOL Jocks kind of sum up our view on this whole matter.

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