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You know, you wouldn't think it would be that hard to predict the winner of the AL West. Jeez, there are only four teams, after all. Yet we always get this division wrong: We always predict the A's at the wrong time. Which is probably not much solace to A's fans right now.

By the way: Someday Ichiro is going to do something insane. Something about him makes us think there are inner demons we don't know about. If you're up for some dime-store psychiatry.


1. Oakland Athletics. We think this might be the best A's team since Billy Beane took over. And fortunately, there aren't enough fans around to piss off MIlton Bradley.
2. Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim. Doesn't it seem like Garrett Anderson should have been playing in the '80s? He seems like an '80s type of guy.
3. Texas Rangers. Brad Wilkerson is our hot fantasy pick. Fantasy baseball.
4. Seattle Mariners. Do you guys realize they signed Kevin Appier this offseason? That makes us extremely happy.

OK, your predictions, dissertations on VORP so you can apply for a job with Beane, whatever, in the comments, go to it.

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