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Your Annual Reminder That Jim Nantz Is A Deeply Strange Breed Of Jackass

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It’s Masters Week, which means that it’s time again to school you in the strange ways of CBS announcer, burnt-toast enthusiast, and general glass-of-skim-milk-made-into-a-person Jim Nantz. Rick Maese of the Washington Post did an excellent deep dive on Nantz this week and it’s filled with all kinds of milquetoast lunacy, including Kenny G and magic rainbows. It’s such a treasure trove of Nantz arcana that we were forced to break it down in this week’s edition of the Deadcast.

But there’s more! Marchman and I also cover Russell Westbrook, MEGA THREADS, spring break, Tony Romo’s new job, AND we answer all your Funbag questions. Why it’s the tightest 43 minutes in podcasting, it is. Have a listen:

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