Your Annual Reminder That Jim Nantz Is A Deeply Strange Breed Of Jackass

Screen capture via Youtube
Screen capture via Youtube

It’s Masters Week, which means that it’s time again to school you in the strange ways of CBS announcer, burnt-toast enthusiast, and general glass-of-skim-milk-made-into-a-person Jim Nantz. Rick Maese of the Washington Post did an excellent deep dive on Nantz this week and it’s filled with all kinds of milquetoast lunacy, including Kenny G and magic rainbows. It’s such a treasure trove of Nantz arcana that we were forced to break it down in this week’s edition of the Deadcast.


But there’s more! Marchman and I also cover Russell Westbrook, MEGA THREADS, spring break, Tony Romo’s new job, AND we answer all your Funbag questions. Why it’s the tightest 43 minutes in podcasting, it is. Have a listen:

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