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Your Anonymous Gay Former NBAer Is Less Anonymous Now (But Only Slightly So)

Last week, a Chicago Sun-Times "blog" mentioned that a former NBA player was going to come out of the closet on Valentine's Day, because that's a day for love. (Or desperate loneliness and regret. Pick your poison.) We'd heard this rumor, and some others have been speculating as well, and every source we've talked to says the player is ... former Utah Jazz and Orlando Magic "center" John Amaechi. Underwhelming, we know. Amaechi is a Penn State grad, a Brit and purveyor of his own Web presence.

The book, being published on February 20 through ESPN Books (which means you're going to be hearing about it non-stop for a week, and then you'll never think about it again), is available for pre-order on Amazon and is called, amusingly, "Man In The Middle." (ESPN Books, when we called then — see, we call people! We're reporters! — neither confirmed nor denied that Amaechi was the player.)


As far as athletes go, Amaechi — a former Academic All-American who was once traded for Glen Rice — isn't the most breathtaking name, but if he's the guy, he's sure to have some fun tales to tell from the road. From all accounts, Amaechi is a classy, intelligent fellow. He also has a cool accent.

But anyway: Yeah. This is what you're gonna see on ESPN every day for the next couple of weeks starting on Valentine's Day. Synergy, baby.

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(UPDATE: OutSports has seen the Amaechi book and has a full report.)

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