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Your Canucks/Bruins Game Seven Open Thread

Tonight marks the 16th Stanley Cup Finals series to go to a Game Seven. One of those games went to overtime. Canadian teams are 6-5 overall; one of the five represents the time the Canucks helped end the New York Rangers's half-century drought in 1994.

This has the potential to be a memorable sporting evening. Or not.

The time is theirs. And Awful Shaughnessy's:

Ode to Claude.

Sorry we doubted you. Sorry about the criticism and the sarcasm and occasional wisecracks.

It wasn't nice when Shawn Thornton went on the radio and the jock-talk guys asked him, "Do you think your coach looks more like Charlie Brown or Elmer Fudd?"

Too easy to poke fun, right? So what if you look a little like Hank Hill's friend, Bill Dauterive. Or Mr. Potato Head. We've come to love the way you punch the second "t" when you say, "tonigh ... ttttt."


Nailed it.

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