We've been having some tech issues with commenter approval of late, so if some of you non-commenters have been wondering why your witty, trenchant comments have not made the site, that's why. That issue is fixed, but we wanted to take this opportunity to invite any non-commenters to apply for commenting status in a more straightforward fashion.

That is to say: Commenting guru / grand poobah Rob Iracane is standing by, ready to hear your pleas for inclusion. All you have to do is write him an email at commentguru@deadspin.com and tell him why you think you should be a Deadspin commenter. He will then send invites to the candidates he deems most worthy. We have no hand in this process and are happy to stay out of it, actually.

If you don't make it, or you don't hear back from him, you can continue to put your comments in manually and cross your fingers that you sneak in. Otherwise, this is a new way to try it. So get those emails ready (for tips on how to be a great commenter, we remind you of The Commentist Manifesto); we'd love to have you, if you can HANG.


The Commentist Manifesto [Deadspin]