Boy, not much at noon today, no? This may be the first time in nine weeks that there isn't really much of game in the early afternoon. UT at South Carolina might be amusing? Just sleep late, I don't know. Late afternoon, at various times: Texas Tech goes to Kansas State, the Gators go into Georgia, and of course, Ohio State goes to Penn State, in a match-up between two state universities at the most American level of the most American sport in the two most American states in one of the top five most American countries in the world. Bet the under. Nightward, Alabama might but won't lose to Mississippi State, and Notre Dame goes to Oklahoma. Your master schedule is here, your yak is below, settle in, maybe carve a pumpkin or something.

Above, a video titled "Drunk FSU fan keg stand" sent in by Carlos, worth watching until the end if only for the face our geriatric tailgater makes post keg stand.