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Your Daily Update About Horrible Scottish-Soccer Fans

Remember yesterday when a Heart of Midlothian fan wearing a Yankees hat decided to take a running swing at Celtic manager Neil Lennon?


Well, today somebody sent a parcel containing a bullet to Lennon at the team's stadium. Tomorrow, two big fans will appear in Kilmarnock Sheriff Court to answer charges as they pertain to this:

Police launched a major investigation after two bombs were sent to Lennon and one each to lawyer Paul McBride QC and former MSP Trish Godman. A fifth suspect package, addressed to the offices of Cairde Na H'Eireann (Friends of Ireland) in Glasgow, was also intercepted by officers last month. All of the parcel bomb packages were found during March and last month.

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Here's how Professor Tom Devine of Edinburgh University broke down the sociological motivations for such behavior:

"The basic root of this problem is part of the religious and immigration history of Scotland. In the 19th and early 20th century there was significant numbers of Catholic and Protestant immigration from the north of Ireland. There was a sense of animosity at that group arriving at the time, and almost a sense of Scottish society being overwhelmed.

"Animosity in working-class neighbourhoods between Catholics and Protestants is weaker than it was in the old days but something of the folk memory still fuels low-level bigotry.

"[Neil Lennon] has got all the ingredients – he is Roman Catholic, he is from Northern Ireland, he is a former Celtic player and now a Celtic manager. He is also seen by Rangers fans as abrasive and unlike past Celtic managers he is very outspoken against anyone who attacks his club. None of this can possibly excuse what he and his family have had to suffer."

So there's no way this ends well, right?

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