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We knew the Cameron Crazies, the famed Duke Blue Devils cheering section, was well-organized ... but we had no idea it was this organized.

Some blessed soul has posted the sheet the Crazies were given before the North Carolina-Duke game last week, and it's chock-full of fruity goodness. Some highlights:

• "Maryland fans yell 'Bullshit' on a bad call, but, to be honest, we have more class and are more creative than that. On bad calls, try chanting 'We Beg To Differ.'"
• "Obviously, do not insult Rutgers."
• "Andrew Tyler Hansbrough ... a 20-year-old freshman ... alien-like features ... Bobby Frasor was at his desk when Tyler woke up screaming about snakes in a nightmare."


Actually, we really enjoyed this document; for the first time, it kind of sounds like fun to be a Cameron Crazy. Except when, uh, they lose on Senior Night to North Carolina.

Cameron Crazies Worksheet [PutFile]

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