There's crazy, and then there's that special brand of crazy that is Reds pitcher Bronson Arroyo. What would you do if you were a major league pitcher going for your 10th win of the season, as Arroyo will be doing on Thursday? Why, you'd dedicate the win to actress Bo Derek, naturally. Because she was in the movie "10," in which she also wore her hair in cornrows, which you are fond of doing. Since 2004 with the Red Sox, Arroyo has named all of his wins, with No. 10 being "Bo." He plans to braid his hair for Thursday's game, of course.

Meanwhile, on the football front, John Gruden has revealed that the Buccaneers' offensive unit is no longer using the name Halle Berry as an audible, and has now changed to Jennifer Aniston and J-Lo. Said Gruden:

Halle Berry? Let's be honest, she is a fox and our players never forget that one. That one's used up, so we're on to Jennifer Aniston, J-Lo and Pam Anderson. We like to use girls once in a while, but in the regular season we have our basic audibles that we'll continue to use.


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