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Well, we have our answer as to what Harold Reynolds will do now: He's not going to try to get his job back.

In an interview with USA Today, Reynolds says ESPN won't reconsider its decision to fire him and that his career there is over.

"I had a meeting," Reynolds said, "but rather than focus on the details, I'd prefer to focus on the future. I don't understand all of the factors that went into ESPN's decision, but management has always had the power to terminate, and they decided to exercise it. I respectfully disagree with their decision, but I'm not going to sacrifice my relationship with ESPN just to make a media point."

Reynolds says he has already received calls from other networks, which is not a surprise. He did not confirm that the firing was because of sexual harassment, though, of course, everyone else has, with many pointing out that it's near impossible to get fired from ESPN unless one repeatedly displays such behavior. So, thus closes the book on Reynolds at ESPN. It's John Kruk's world, we're all just living in it.


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