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Your NHL Playoffs Open Thread

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Two second-round games tonight for your viewing pleasure: Caps and Lightning, which appears on your Versus right about now, and the Canucks and Preds, which will be on at nine, 10 p.m. Halifax time.


Tampa Bay (now at home!) has a two-oh lead on Washington, which, you know, is accustomed to having this happen to them. Hence the above photo of as-close-to-Sad-as-he-gets Ovechkin, who never really gets sad. Sad Mike Green could be a thing, though. Or Sad Bruce Boudreau. But that's more likely to be Fired Bruce Boudreau, especially if the Caps continue to wilt like this.

The other game's in Nashville. Blame the Sedins, etc. That series is tied.

More importantly! There are two NHL second-round playoff games tonight, and they're in Nashville and Tampa. You know Bettman's breaking out the George Strait and sweet tea, and, by golly, he's earned it.

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