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Our personal favorite division has had a monotonous feel to it the last few years, with the Cardinals and the Astros advancing and meeting in the NLCS two consecutive times. (This, of course, is fine with us.) We also have a feeling that the NL Central is the only division in baseball with three stadiums that look almost exactly the same (Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and the new Busch Stadium).

The real story of the NL Central, like every year, involves those damn Cubs. Are the sports gods out to get them? As Cardinals fans, we say yes. Obviously.


Our guaranteed-to-be-wrong predictions:

1. St. Louis Cardinals. Sidney Ponson, baby; Sidney Ponson.
2. Chicago Cubs. If they don't finish this high, Dusty Baker is toast, by the way.
3. Milwaukee Brewers. Prince Fielder is baseball's version of Glen "Big Baby" Davis. Except without braces.
4. Houston Astros. We have seen enough Enron Field the last couple Octobers to last us a lifetime.
5. Cincinnati Reds. The groupies in Cincinnati, Mr. Arroyo, are a step down, we're afraid.
6. Pittsburgh Pirates. We think it would be better if his name were "Duke Zack." Sounds tougher.

Tell us your predictions in the comments, buckos. Bring it.

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