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Your NL East "Preview"

We should probably warn you: The Phillies are one of those teams we pick to win the National League East a lot. If you haven't noticed, they haven't won the NL East in a long, long time. But we're gonna try again anyway.

1. Philadelphia Phillies. That lineup is monstrous, and that rotation has some gumption to it. We think if they put Moyer in the bullpen, he'd pitch until he's 80.
2. New York Mets. You have to root for Pedro to come back, someday. Not that we don't get ecstatic about watching John Maine pitch.
3. Florida Marlins. We're not so sure Joe Girardi is the only reason these guys came on; remember how fun they were to watch at the end of last year.
4. Atlanta Braves. The dam has been opened; it might be a while until we see them in the playofs again.
5. Washington Nationals. The most fun thing to do is to watch the Presidents race anyway.


You up for some predictions? We bet you are.

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