Your Obligatory NBA Pot Bust

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Wilson Chandler (the Knicks' second-best asset when wooing LeBron — yikes) was pulled over last night, and cops found a joint and five bags of weed in the trunk. Get ready for the first NBA medical marijuana defense.

Chandler was pulled over in a godforsaken corner of Queens for driving with his headlights off. When officers approached the car, they "smelled and observed smoke," making us think it looked like Meth and Red's car in How High. (What do you mean, no one saw that movie?)


Chandler's coming off of sports hernia surgery, and his grandmother made sure to point that out to reporters. Sure there's a chance he was using for medicinal purposes, just like there's a chance the prescription said it must be taken while driving a Benz through Hollis at midnight.

There are some money quotes from his relatives, who do sound legitimately shocked.

I don't know about pot in his car, I ain't heard nothing from him yet," [Chandler's 76-year-old grandmother] told The Daily News. "I didn't raise him to smoke pot."

"Ah goodness, I didn't think he messed with that stuff," said [uncle] Al Chandler, 50, of Temple Hills, Md. "He's a good guy. Obviously he must have been in the wrong place at the wrong time."


At least Chandler didn't livetweet the arrest, like Nate Robinson did.

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