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Nate Robinson Arrested, Trial By Twitter

The Knicks star was busted Tuesday afternoon for a minor technicality. No biggie. But it might have died there if not for that slayer of giants, leveler of playing fields, tattler to the stars: Twitter.

Robinson was pulled over for having excessively tinted windows, and it turned out he had been driving with a suspended license. Again, honest mistake, could have happened to anyone. But then he had to go and bitch about it on his Twitter account.


At that point someone (maybe a friend, maybe a team official; highly unlikely it was Robinson himself) had the good sense to realize perhaps this wasn't something that should be splashed about. Too late. The reTweeters had taken over:

With this whole thing spiraling out of control, it seems someone had a little chat with Robinson, because he changed his Twitter tune pretty quickly. Also, his spelling, grammar and syntax...hmmm.


The lesson here? Despite what everyone says about Twitter being ephemeral, don't hang your dirty laundry up there. It takes a long time to dry.


[Twitter screengrabs courtesy of Anygüey]

Nate Robinson Arrested for Driving With Suspended License [Ball Don't Lie]

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