Your Omnipresent Sweet Sixteen Starter Open Thread

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Tourney games is comin', yo. UConn/San Diego State at 7:15 p.m. BYU/Florida a dozen minutes later. Arizona/Duke at 9:45 p.m.-ish. Finally, Butler and Wisconsin close out the Sweet Sixteen's first night starting at three minutes before 10 or thereabouts.

Click any team name for a story from their backyard. Here are a bunch of related tips that have arrived over the past few days:

A Sweet 16 Tale of the Tape [Juiced Sports]

Matt Hassleback's son Henry picked the Florida Gators to win the tournament because he likes alligators. [Seattle Times] (H/T Robert C. and Bill S.)


Miles Plumlee of Duke University's men's basketball team (allegedly) doesn't care about black people. When they're starting for the other team in a 1 vs. 16 game, specifically. [YouTube] (H/T John Doe)

Watch as Ryan Bardach shows why he is the number one Duke men's basketball fan. Or, as tipster Adam puts it, "Cameron Crazie Asshole Contest Video." [YouTube]


• "There's a twitter account called "DukeLvr1989," operating under the name 'Melissa Rodriguez,' and he or she or they are conducting a campaign of terror against Kyrie Irving." [Seth Curry Saves Duke!]

Gus Johnson. But not really. [Funny Or Die]

• Jimmer Fredette, Mormon Jesus [YouTube]

You can eat, ride streetcars and go to art galleries, zoos or on various tours if you must abide by an honor code while in New Orleans. [Daily Haze]


Finally, it's also the Sweet Sixteen in the 2011 Cougar Madness competition. [Dirty Deeds and Thunder Treats]