Yes, the string of Texas-themed posts hits three, which hopefully propels someone to beat a No. 1 seed. That, or the 30,000 Longhorn fans in attendance. D.J. Augustin got the best of Derrick Rose last summer, but let's see what becomes of games that matter.

Both teams can play a quick tempo game so at least this one promises to be one of the more high octane of the weekend's matchups.

-Rose already has problems with his eye. Billy Packer says he doesn't like stitches. Probably shouldn't be snitchin' then.

-And Augustin isn't getting the better of Rose today, not yet at least, as he airs a three and Memphis is on a 8-0 run early.


-And Rose is kind of owning D.J. thus far, adding a jam off a steal to put the Tigers up 24-13.

-Aaaaaand, it's starting to get ugly. Roberts picks up the and 1 to give Memphis a 16-point lead with 8 minutes left in the first.


-Augustin gets a steal and misses the lay-up, leading to an uncontested dunk for Memphis. This might not be close.

-Just before the wheels totally come off, the Longhorns narrow Memphis' halftime lead to 11 with a 6-0 run to end the first.


-And Texan comes storming out of the break with a quick six and Augustin is finally showing some life.

-The Tigers survived the early second half surge and it looks like the Longhorns are going to fouling with 8 minutes left, down 16. Is Davidson on yet?


-Guuuhhhh This game blows.