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Your Tiger Woods Vanity Fair Preview Recap: Sex In Cars And Subway Chicken Wraps Do Not A Girlfriend Make

Illustration for article titled Your Tiger Woods emVanity Fair/em Preview Recap: Sex In Cars And Subway Chicken Wraps Do Not A Girlfriend Make

May's Vanity Fair will feature Mark Seal's in-depth account of the Tiger Woods Saga. Seal interviewed four of Woods' mistresses and several of his handlers. After the jump, what can you expect to learn when when the mag hits newsstands.


*Bryon Bell, Woods' childhood friend and president of Tiger Woods Design coordinated meet ups between Woods and Jamie Jungers.

*Mark Steinberg, Tiger's IMG, buried a National Enquirer story on Tiger's affairs. The Enquirer denies this.


* Mindy Lawton and Tiger had car sex while she was menstruating. Lawton claims that The Enquirer recovered her discarded tampon from the church parking lot where this took place. Church parking lot.

*Earl Woods was a sloppy drunk that dressed inappropriately for awards dinners. But who hasn't worn hotpants and gotten destroyed on vodka gimlets at an awards dinner?

*Tiger would go on absurd gambling runs with Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. According to the NY Post, Tiger didn't start tomcatting until he started running with MJ and Chuck.

*According to Jungers and Lawton, Tiger was a real cheap date. The definition of cheap depends on what you think of Subway chicken wraps.


*Did I say cheap? Because he let former Playboy model, Loredana Jolie Ferriolo (2nd from the left) charge $15,000 worth of shopping to his hotel room.

Per the NY Post Story:

*Tiger refers to himself in the 3rd person as "Ti."

*Tiger and Lawton's first hookup was "steamy" and in his kitchen, surrounded by "fine porcelain tile and brushed stainless-steel appliances."


*According to Jungers, Tiger's wife Elin Nordegren was "in Sweden with her sister" during their first rendezvous in Las Vegas.

*According to porn star Holly Sampson, Tiger prefers blonds that look like his wife but are not his wife.


This concludes your "Tiger Woods Slept With A Lot Of Women That Were Not His Wife" Roundup.

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