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One of our favorite Doug Flutie stories was when then-Dolphins coach Jimmy Johnson, trying to motivate his team for an upcoming game against the Bills, destroyed a box of Flutie Flakes in front of his team. When Flutie heard about the incident, his face fell. "That cereal is to benefit autism research," said Flutie, whose son is autistic. "That's like him stomping on my son."

We were reminded of that story when news broke that Colts president Bill Polian, while sitting in the press box during Monday's Colts-Patriots game, called for his players to "break his leg" when the Patriots (and Flutie) ran one last play late in the game. Polian, who was awfully grouchy for a guy whose team finally beat the Patriots, also was cursing at the Patriots earlier.

We're trying to figure out, if stomping on Flutie Flakes is like stomping on Flutie's son, what, exactly, trying to break his leg is. Circumcision, maybe? Or just playing This Little Piggy with his toes. We're confused.

There's No Stopping The Colts [Providence Journal]

(Ed. Note: It has been pointed out that Bill Polian is not the owner of the Colts, as we initially wrote. Sorry.)