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Youth Basketball Coach Tells Kid Wrong Time To Show Up For Playoff Game Because He Stinks

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Here's a messed up story and proof that those steak heads you went to high school with never, ever change. From a tipster who wishes to remain anonymous, a youth basketball league in California is about to kick off its playoff season next week and sent out a friendly reminder to coaches notifying them of the rules going forward. In part and [sic]'d:

Hi Guy's,

It is hard to believe but the end of the season is here. This coming week is the last week of the regular season. Great job to all of you! Please don't measure your success as a coach on whether or not your team made the play offs, you should be very proud of the difference you have made in the lives of your player's, how you have helped build their skills and how you taught them about the game of basketball. You are all winners in my book.

With that said, I wanted to make sure that we are all on the same page as we enter a very interesting weekend of games:

All player minute minimums / maximums are in effect this weekend and in the play offs / championship games
My expected behaviors of you remain the same for the remainder of the season
This weekend after your game the score keepers will be giving you a participant medal for all of your player's. Everyone gets a participant medal / 1st &2nd place teams will receive trophies on Feb. 11th

Seems pretty standard. Every kid plays and every kid gets a medal. Welcome to American youth sports. One man, however, won't stand for it. He's not going to sit idly by as a bunch of spazzes ruin it all for the real winners on his team. So, let's just double check on that "every has to play rule" shall we?

Hey Jordan,

Do we really have to let ALL the players play once the playoffs start?
Last year I told our most inferior player the wrong time hoping he would miss the game....he checked the website - showed up and pretty much cost us the game - season. I have 6 solid boys that can bring home a CHAMPIONSHIP!! players 7, 8, 9 & 10 KILL US. Over my dead body will I play those kids & screw things up for the talented players.


Oh, man. Take all that in and let it simmer a bit. Here we have a leader and role model—an adult male responsible for shaping our youth and instilling in them the confidence to succeed at anything if they would only try—openly admitting to intentionally lying to a child about when his game starts. The kid just wants to play, so much so that he actually double checked what his asshole coach told him and wound up making it in time for the game anyway. In his misguided search for a "CHAMPIONSHIP!!" for the "talented players" (read: jocks he relates to) he failed to realize that the "inferior" player showed the kind of dedication and determination that we should value as human beings and teammates. And it's something most of us learn when we grow up—some quicker than others.


As if you needed further proof of just what a colossal ass this guy is, he was relieved of his volunteer duties shortly after sending the email.

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