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Youth Flag Football Admin Claims Commish Spent League Fees On "Pussy"

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Below you'll find an email from one of the administrators of an Atlanta-area youth flag football league sponsored by the NFL. Sent to a number of league parents, it contains a whole host of bizarre accusations against the commissioner. One of those parents shared it with us. Now we share it with you.

The parent who forwarded it along said the league's first season of existence was rocky, but overall a good experience. Then, out of the blue, the email. (The commissioner's name has been redacted. To keep things straight, the administrator is female; the commissioner is male.)

FYI: Just wanted to let you know that your friend [Redacted], my ex roommate is so full of shit! I'm sure he didn't tell you that he bailed out on me in February 2014 without paying rent after I helped his fat ass with all his flag football and gave him a place to stay for free from June 2013 til Dec 2013. He got his job around Thanksgiving as you know and said to hell with me! But that is because he would rather live in his nasty raggedy truck (that old Ford F150 when he was homeless - which I brought him off the streets into my home) and buy pussy, than to have a roof over his head with food! Not to mention he damn near ate me out of a house and a home and did NOT contribute to any bill or food! All that flag football I helped him with and he never said thank you! I bought uniforms for his league last fall and he didn't even pay me back! He has not contacted me in any shape form or fashion since he left! I know he is on a fast fall to hell because God doesn't like ugly. And right now he is looking real ugly!

He brought lots of women into my home for a quickie, couple of hours and overnight. I don't even have people come over. He got more pussy than I got dick in my friggin' home.

Word of caution: I just want you to know how sorry he is! Use wisdom if you decide to help his lame ass, because he will use you and when he can't use you anymore he will talk bad about you and spread lies about you, like he is doing me! He is telling people I'm on drugs and I need help! WTF?! Was I on drugs and needing help when I was saving his ass and his league?!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Then I gave him a hat, scarf and glove set to mail (because he was going to the post office and I don't have a car) that my Mom in a Nursing home bought for my 12 year old niece - to this day, she has yet to receive it! And I even asked my family did she get a package in the mail when his ass was right upstairs and he screamed downstairs, I just mailed it today and she should have had it three days before.

Also, I hate to inform you all that he never intended on paying back money to the parents that never put their kids in the league because he used it to buy pussy I guess, because he never gave me a dime! He lied to all of you saying his Dad died and he had to go out of town and that is why it took so long to call lots of people back. Well, yes his Dad did 1987. So technically he didn't lie....NOTTTT!!!!

I went out of town and when I returned I found this nigga had been parlaying in my bedroom. I couldn't find a bank card or my social security card. My bed was messed up! Then, over the holidays I had an old friend come visit me. I used to mess around with him in college. He's gay now! He too, was homeless. He and [Redacted] became best friends. I had to go out of town to an Aunt's funeral the first of the you know my friend told me that he slept with [Redacted]. But I already knew something happened because both of them were acting very distant to me upon my return! I can show you the email if you don't believe me!

He stated to me regarding the lady he moved in with that, "She's not my type, but I know I can go live with her for free. But I'd rather stay here (my house) because I really like living here." That's because he could do his thing! So he thought! Until I shut that down! Maybe that is why he bailed out when I left to go to a homeowners association meeting in Feb 2014. AND, he is so nasty that it took me FIVE days to air his room out. I threw the mattresses out! Yes, the king sized ones I bought for him so he would have a bed to sleep in. The nerve. Yes, I'm pissed off to "pisstivity!"

But like I said, God doesn't like ugly! So what I need to know from you all is if he has said anything negative to you about me because I really need to know as soon as possible! My attorney needs the documentation/affidavits. Also, if you know any of the other coaches or parents email addresses that were involved last Fall, please forward the email to them. Thank you.

That's all. Best wishes to all of you!

The parent who sent this along to us said he had been planning on enrolling his son in the league again this year. Now? Not so much.

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