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Youth Hockey Coach Fired For Being A Big Fan Of The Nazis

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Christopher Maximilian Sandau (not pictured), a minor hockey coach in North Delta, B.C., was fired this weekend after his league discovered his Facebook page, which was chock full of Nazi propaganda. "You can't be a Nazi and coach kids hockey," one parent said, but most of Sandau's adult life seems like it indicates that statement's just not true.


Surrey Now got a look before Sandau wiped his page. They found, among other things, space Nazis:

Sandau's Facebook page is largely a shrine to Adolph Hitler and Nazism. Included is a swastika over which Sandau wrote "may god be with us and the truth prevail," another swastika with the message "If this flag offends you you need a history lesson," and a photoshopped image of an astronaut standing on the moon, doing a "sieg heil" salute to a Nazi flag.

There's a photo of Hitler, with the message "Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told," and many other postings of similar subject matter that were still on his Facebook page at deadline Wednesday morning.

Sandau, 33, worked mostly with grades 6 through 9, and insists he's not a Nazi, just "a big history buff" who believes there was "no such plan" as the Holocaust, and that "the Germans were actually doing their best to save" the lives of Holocaust victims.

Sandau said he realizes his views are controversial.

"I get it, it's a really touchy subject," he said.

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