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Youth Hockey Coach Makes Sick Yo Momma Burn

A minor hockey coach in Timmons, Ontario, was suspended after making some inappropriate comments about a 12-year-old player's mother during a pregame locker room speech. Now, this is definitely not okay, and it was surely mortifying for a young child to be bullied by an authority figure. That said, the Timmins Times' account of the comments cannot pass without being blockquoted.

The senior coach spoke to one of the boys and suggested his mother was wearing too many different shades of lipstick. The coach joked that his penis was beginning to look like a rainbow. As several of the young players laughed at that remark, the coach asked the boy if he ever went into his mother's room. The coach said he forgot his underwear in the mother's room and needed someone to go get it. The laughter continued, the report said.


The coach has not been identified, but he served a three-month suspension and apologized to the boy and his mother, and will not be invited to any future rainbow parties.

[Timmins Times, via Leahy]

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