Youth Lacrosse Coach Gets His Team All Rowdy With Pregame Speech About Fortnite

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While some lacrosse coaches might rend their garments over their players’ obsessions with the video game Fortnite, others are using it to their advantage. A reader sent in this clip of a Pennsylvania eighth-grade lacrosse coach who last weekend gave a pregame speech full of popular references to pump up the youths.

O2 Lacrosse coach Brendan Gorman’s speech is rousing, if you care about Fortnite, which these kids very much do. They hear the words “chug jugs” and go nuts:


Here’s the best attempt at transcribing what Gorman said, as the players were quite rowdy:

Twenty-four teams came here, okay? This is just like Fortnite, just like Battle Royale. Twenty-four teams, there’s four left. But you know what? There’s four left, we got chug jugs, we got the Golden SCAR—[is drowned out by rambunctious teens]. Let’s go. It’s no different than a Fortnite battle! Let’s go win this, baby!


This, and nothing else, was the reason why O2 Lacrosse won a title. According to the reader, the squad reached the championship game, rallied from a 5-1 deficit at halftime, and won 8-7 in sudden death OT. Those rascals love their chug jugs.