Youth Wrestling Tournament Quickly Turns Into Parent Fighting Tournament

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A Feb. 3 wrestling tournament for kids in Kimberly, Wisconsin devolved into quite the scrap after some adults forgot that their children were the ones supposed to be sparring on the mat.

As the video shows—the Post-Crescent has the complete version—two different groups of parents/supporters started arguing about one of the wrestlers getting a “breather” (too much rest between periods?). Over the next couple of minutes, that bubbled over into someone saying “Shut the fuck up,” and very quickly that turned into some adults grappling on the mat as the bemused children looked on.

Wisconsin Parents Fight

“After conducting an initial investigation, it was determined that some parents who attended an athletic event were involved in a verbal and physical altercation,” Fox Valley PD said, which means they definitely watched the video. A police report from TMJ4 gets into why the parents fought, and they apparently have some history. Nicole Volkman, the brown-haired woman, was accused of trying to punch Cassandra Hamill, the blonde woman, at a previous tournament. The argument escalated to a brawl because “the Volkman’s sons kept slamming the Hamill’s sons during the matches.” Witnesses also told the cops that the Volkmans called Hamill “a fat bitch” and her son “a fucking crybaby.”


Cassandra Hamill, Nicole Volkman, and Shannon Volkman received municipal citations for disorderly conduct over their roles in the fracas, and both Volkmans also received battery citations. Those poor kids.