Trojan blogs are calling it a "ballsy" move, but I prefer the term harebrained, or possibly "retarded." USC coach Pete Carroll announced today that his team will wear their home jerseys in their game with UCLA at the Rose Bowl on Saturday, even though they're the visitors and by NCAA rules must wear white. That means that the Trojans will be docked one time out each half; and with a Rose Bowl berth possibly on the line and considering what happened in 2006, it's clear that this was probably all Will Ferrell's idea.

It's nice that someone is putting tradition and the fun aspect of the sport before winning for a change, but this seems a tad loopy. Besides, did you ever stop to think that some fans may like the white jerseys? Probably not.

"It might (cost us). I don't know. I don't care about that right now," Carroll said. "We'll play without it. I think it's worth it. I think it's a fun thing to do, and I think our fans will appreciate it over time."

Of course as one might expect, Bruins fans are totally on board.

It’s amusing to see the Trojans to go ga ga over this jersey shenanigans, when they showed no interest in doing this while we were beating them up during our 8 game winning streak. Make no mistake about it. What Carroll is doing here is not some kind of grand gesture but a total disrespect of UCLA. This will just complement “own the Rose Bowl” rhetoric coming out of their mouths in coming days. They will use this PR stunt to amplify that rhetoric on the recruiting front.

Carroll made this move because right now he is in a state of mind that is well beyond confidence. He is basically telling the world that his team and his players can wear their home jerseys in our house and beat us with their hands tied behind their back. Whatever. At this point Neuheisel should call Pom Pom's bluff and agree to give up one TO (in each half) and then call on Carroll to do the same next season at the Rose Bowl.


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