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Yu Darvish May Have Just One T-Shirt But It's A Homage To Weed, So Whatever [Update]

Per tipster Greg McD, who watched today's installment of Intentional Talk on MLB Network, Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish arrived at Spring Traning donning a T-shirt that speaks to his will to survive. And weed.

He shops on the Boardwalk, so? Where this takes a turn for the worse is when you consider that the Japanese pitcher was wearing the same T-shirt when he arrived in America in January.


That speaks to a laziness in fashion sense that could make him a $111 million pariah in Arlington, Texas. Man. At least Derek Holland spoke to the media about Darvish.

"He wants to learn English," Rangers pitcher Derek Holland said. "He doesn't know much, but he wants to learn. He's not stand-offish. He was right there with us. He wants to fit in. It won't be hard for him."


UPDATE: Extracrispy writes in to say that the image from today's broadcast is likely from the airport upon his arrival. So many dreams may be dashed.

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