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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Yup, Some Redskins Fans Are Calling For Kirk Cousins To Start

Illustration for article titled Yup, Some Redskins Fans Are Calling For Kirk Cousins To Start

With a second straight disappointing performance, the preseason Super Bowl champs are really trying the patience of a fanbase that doesn't have much patience to begin with. But maybe give the franchise savior more than two hours of game action before calling for his job?


Dan Steinberg does the dirty work of rounding up calls for Robert Griffin III to be benched in favor of co-football-jesus Kirk Cousins. It's largely low-hanging fruit—see, here's some rando calling for Ryan Mallett to play in New England—but it's not restricted to frustrated fans. The hosts on CSN Washington's postgame show debated this very topic:

"I’m gonna put the question out there: why not stick no. 12 out there, who is healthy?” host Chick Hernandez asked. “It’s apparent from listening to you guys and watching that game: Robert Griffin III is not the same guy, yet. He’s not that guy. There is not a threat for him to run. When there was a threat to run last year, he created a lot of problems for opposing defenses. Why not put the guy who’s healthy out there right now?"


Why not? For starters, Griffin is rusty because he hasn't played since January. The best way for him to get back his confidence, in both his abilities and his ligaments, probably isn't to limit his reps to non-contact practices. The Redskins aren't going to win the Super Bowl this year (the defense is still atrocious), so if Griffin's supposed to be the quarterback of the next decade, it's OK for him to be the slow-starting quarterback of 2013.

[DC Sports Bog]

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