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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

The NBA just announced that Zach Randolph will be suspended for Game 7 tomorrow night. The league says that it's for punching Steven Adams in the jaw. We would contend, if Z-Bo punches a man in the jaw, he's going to fall a lot harder than that.

You can watch the play in the GIF above, or in a video on, and sure, that's kind of a punch, and definitely quite against the rules. But still: This is Game 7! And it's probably safe to say that if this were KD throwing a 'bow, and happened to catch Tony Allen upside the head, the Thunder wouldn't be missing one of their best players for the deciding game of a series. (Steven Adams, who obviously can take a punch, is apparently just fine.)


Even though Z-Bo has struggled in this series, he's still drawn plenty of defensive attention, and the Grizzlies are unquestionably a lesser team with him out of the lineup. And worse, without Z-Bo in there, there's a better chance that the Thunder stop wheeling their Kendrick Perkins-shaped scrap heap out there, and KD will be able to check James Johnson (or Ed Davis), instead of sliding down to freaking Marc Gasol. In short, this stinks pretty hard for Memphis, and for everyone looking forward to a day full of Game 7's.

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