The Clippers' Zach Randolph doesn't respond well to silly taunts. He's not gonna be stepped over, picked on, or disrespected in the paint. Oh, and if a dude tries to kiss him? Swinging.

The Phoenix Suns' Louis Amundson learned that painful lesson:

He hopped up and got in my face and almost kissed me in my mouth… I just pushed him out of my face. If I would have hit him, he wouldn't have got up off the ground.


Louis Amundson, ever the pony-tailed voice of reason, disagrees with Randolph's assessment:

"I was getting in his face, but I wasn't trying to kiss him."

The Suns, under new coach Alvin Gentry, went on to destroy the Clippers 140-100, without any other man-to-mouth incidents the rest of the game.

Zach Randolph Pushed A Guy. With His Fist. [With Leather]