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Zdeno Chara Laughs At Puny Humans Who Want To Fight Him

Detroit defenseman Brendan Smith has been a target of abuse through the first two games of the series. He decided to take out his frustrations on the nearest Bruin. The nearest Bruin just happened to be the tallest NHL player ever.

Smith is listed at 6'2", 195, Chara at 6'9" and 255. Their scrap went pretty much how you'd expect, with Chara holding Smith at arm's length, laughing the whole time, then slowly skating toward the backpedaling Smith, who was doing the hockey equivalent of "hold me back, bro."

Look at the photo at the top of this post. Is that not the scariest thing you've ever seen? Chara does have a few dozen fights in his career, and he's not particularly impressive, but it's usually against someone a little closer to his own size.


Brendan's brother, Reilly Smith, was watching the action from the Bruins bench. His verdict? "Probably not the smartest decision he's ever made."

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