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Zen Driving Taken To The Extreme

When you see a headline like "Belgium Man Breaks Blind Speed World Record" you can't just simply ignore it and go about your business like nothing happened. The Belgium in question, a Mr. Luc Costermans, topped out at 308.78 km/h - or 192 mph in American - while driving his Lamborghini Gallardo at an airstrip in France. Costermans broke his previous record of by about 40 km/h, which seems like a large amount even without doing the conversion to mph, which we're way too tired to do. What isn't clear is exactly how the man "drove". The article mentions Costermans being accompanied by "an instructor and a navigator", but that seems like a bit of a cop-out. Is it really "blind driving" if someone has two people next to you telling you which direction to go in? Shouldn't that just be called "driving with assistance"? Blind Belgium breaks speed record [BBC]


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