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Zeroing In On The Source Of That Tiger Woods Email Your Dad Just Forwarded You

On Dec. 19, user "etsix" over at the message board posted the hoaxish Tiger Woods story that everyone keeps blaming on poor Furman Bisher. So where'd etsix get the story? From a friend, of course.

In an e-mail, etsix explains:

I actually got this info from a friend of mine that works at a very respectable golf course, and he knows a member that lives in Isleworth. So the story is most likely true, as far as I know. This message was sent to me via Facebook and he would probably kill me if he found out I started the spreading of this story. So hopefully he has seen this and just didn't think much of it.


So, if I read this right, etsix is saying his friend is responsible for the Tiger story. It began as a Facebook message, then spread via etsix to a golf forum and soon elsewhere, arriving on Dec. 26 at the scary glowing box in Furman Bisher's house, which is when things really got out of hand. But now we have our patient zero! Maybe! It's an anonymous message board user's buddy, who knows a guy from a golf club who lives near Tiger Woods. Please forward this post to 10 people.

To be continued ...

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