Alex Rodriguez Talking Baseball Is Great

Ken Rosenthal has a story on Yankees shortstop Didi Gregorius wowing his new teammates with his defensive prowess, which is especially impressive considering they've had a pylon at short for the last two decades. But the real gold comes from Alex Rodriguez, who gives his impressions of Gregorius in pure scouting… » 3/26/15 11:15am Thursday 11:15am

So This Is How It's Gonna Be For A-Rod, Huh?

Here's the back page of today's Daily News, the morning after the Yankees took part in a six-inning, totally informal, intrasquad "game," without actual human pitchers: » 3/03/15 1:55pm 3/03/15 1:55pm

Alex Rodriguez Criticized For Showing Up Early To Camp

Yankees position players are scheduled to report to spring training on Wednesday. Alex Rodriguez showed up yesterday to start working out and running drills. Naturally, the New York Daily News, which has been leading the torches-and-pitchforks mob against Rodriguez for a long time, found someone who took offense to… » 2/24/15 9:07am 2/24/15 9:07am

Frank Caliendo Reads A-Rod's Apology Letter In Morgan Freeman's Voice

I'm not even sure why this bit is funny to me, but I laughed the first time and now I'm laughing the second time. As long as Frank Caliendo keeps reading overwrought athlete letters in Morgan Freeman's voice, he's okay with me. » 2/18/15 11:59am 2/18/15 11:59am

This Big A-Rod Profile Might Actually Make You Feel Bad For A-Rod

J.R. Moehringer has a huge feature about Alex Rodriguez on today. It's a well-reported, in-depth look at everything Rodriguez has been up to since being banned from baseball for 162 games for using PEDs. There's a lot going on in the story, and you should really read the whole thing, but perhaps most… » 2/18/15 10:42am 2/18/15 10:42am

A-Rod Apologizes To Fans With Dopey Handwritten Letter

This is wonderful. Alex Rodriguez has released a handwritten(!) letter in which he apologizes to all of his fans for, uh, whatever it is we've all decided he needs to apologize for. This idea was surely thought up by some overpaid brand consultant. "Alex, our data shows that baseball fans associate handwriting with… » 2/17/15 1:31pm 2/17/15 1:31pm

Court Docs Allege Tony Bosch Spent MLB's Money On Strippers And Clubs

Two years after it was first broken, the Biogenesis saga in South Florida continues to reveal hilarious details about how Major League Baseball conducts business. The Miami New Times reports on the criminal case against Lazer Collazo, an associate of Biogenesis founder Tony Bosch, who is charged with recruiting minors… » 2/12/15 10:55pm 2/12/15 10:55pm


» 2/10/15 5:53pm 2/10/15 5:53pm

A-Rod Turns To Unlikely Source To Assist His Comeback: Barry Bonds

At 39 and having missed the entire 2014 season due to suspension, Alex Rodriguez is attempting an improbable comeback. His skills were already rapidly declining in 2013—in 44 games he posted his lowest batting average and slugging percentage since 1995, and his fielding has been getting worse for half a decade… » 1/20/15 11:10pm 1/20/15 11:10pm

A-Rod's Ex-Brother-In-Law Sues Him Over Sketchy Real Estate Deal

Of course Alex Rodriguez is getting sued for selling some good investment property and stiffing his business partner out of the cash. Because you ain't fooling me with your pinstripes and New York City address, A-Rod. You're from Miami, and you're only a true Miami bro when you've screwed someone over in real estate.… » 1/09/15 5:23pm 1/09/15 5:23pm

Alex Rodriguez Peed On My Floor, Says Wife Of A-Rod's Cousin

We can't be much clearer than that headline. Carmen Sucart, wife of A-Rod's cousin Yuri, says a few years back, Rodriguez once came to the Sucarts' house (that A-Rod gave to them) and threatened them to keep their mouths shut about his performance-enhancing drug use. Then, he peed on the floor as a message. » 11/06/14 1:52pm 11/06/14 1:52pm

A-Rod Snitched On A-Rod During Meeting With DEA

Ever since getting popped with a 162-game performance enhancing drug suspension based on information that MLB obtained by strong-arming Miami steroid peddler Anthony Bosch, Alex Rodriguez has denied ever taking performance enhancing drugs. Now, thanks to documents obtained by the Miami Herald, we know for certain that… » 11/05/14 11:09am 11/05/14 11:09am

A-Rod Paid His Cousin $900,000 To Shut Up About Steroids

The last time we checked in with Alex Rodriquez's cousin Yuri Sucart, he was taking the fall for all manner of steroids-related sins. As first reported in the New York Daily News, we now know why: Rodriguez paid him a cool $900,000 to do so. » 11/03/14 8:32pm 11/03/14 8:32pm

Alex Rodriguez Is Not Comfortable In His Own Skin: A Gallery

Alex Rodriguez was present—though not honored, of course—at a fundraiser for the Buoniconti Fund to Cure Paralysis a couple of nights ago. He somehow made standing around and taking pictures with fellow athletes look incredibly awkward. » 10/01/14 1:37pm 10/01/14 1:37pm

It Looks Like A-Rod Has Gotten Himself A LinkedIn Page

Alex Rodriguez is 39 years old and likely done being a baseball player forever. So he's gone and done what every American who is preparing to transition into a new line of work does: he signed up for a LinkedIn profile. » 9/11/14 12:52pm 9/11/14 12:52pm

Meet A-Rod's Cousin, The Guy Everyone Blames In The Biogenesis Mess

Every group has one. The loyal one. The guy who does the dirty shit. The guy who takes the blame. The guy who keeps taking it and taking it and coming back for more because, to the loyal one, it makes sense to suffer and have money than break away and go broke. » 8/11/14 4:08pm 8/11/14 4:08pm