Stories Like This Confirm That Cleveland Needs Carl Monday Now More Than Ever

"A Cuyahoga County sheriff's deputy was charged today with menacing and public indecency stemming from two summer incidents in the Cleveland Metroparks' Rocky River Reservation. Paul Lawrence, 32, is accused of masturbating in his car on June 12 and following two women on Aug. 29, a day he had called in sick." [Plain… » 9/15/11 10:30pm 9/15/11 10:30pm

Well, They're Back To Square One With The Old Folks Home Flasher Case

Former sprint champion Mark Walcott was cleared on Thursday of charges that he exposed himself five times at two old folks homes in Britain, but at what cost? During the trial it was revealed that Walcott was having affairs with two women at the same time, both of whom were hauled into court to provide him with… » 11/07/08 10:45am 11/07/08 10:45am

Week In Review: What's the Frequency, Carl Monday?

Here's a photo Carl Monday submitted from commenter "That Just Happened" when the jack-happy roving reporter attended the ribbon cutting ceremony of Cleveland''s RTA HealthLine, which is a big fancy bus » 10/24/08 6:45pm 10/24/08 6:45pm. Public transportation frotteurists in Cleveland should reconsider using this line to satisfy their need for public…

They Nominated Carl Monday For Another Emmy .. For THAT Story!

When we stumbled across the infamous Carl Monday / Mike Cooper / library masturbation story more than a year ago, we were stunned when we learned that the Deadspin Hall of Famer had, in fact, won several Emmys. Could this be right? Was the library story just a rare misstep in a career of legitimate muckraking… » 6/29/07 5:10pm 6/29/07 5:10pm