Report: Dustin Johnson Had "Sexual Indiscretion" With PGA Player's Wife

Yesterday, golfer Dustin Johnson released a statement saying he would be stepping away from the game to take care of "personal challenges." According to a report today on Golf.com, Johnson was suspended six months for testing positive for cocaine. He's allegedly failed three drug tests since 2009, one for weed and… » 8/01/14 2:40pm 8/01/14 2:40pm

(Update) We Are Raising $200,000 to Buy and Publish the Rob Ford Crack Tape

As you may have heard, Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto, smokes crack cocaine. We've seen a video of him smoking crack cocaine, and the people who have the video would like to sell it. Through the miracle of crowdfunding, you can help. Please consider donating to the Rob Ford Crackstarter. » 5/17/13 4:33pm 5/17/13 4:33pm

For Sale: A Video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Smoking Crack Cocaine

Rob Ford, Toronto's conservative mayor, is a wild lunatic given to making bizarre racist pronouncements and randomly slapping refrigerator magnets on cars. One reason for this is that he smokes crack cocaine. I know this because I watched him do it, on a videotape. He was fucking hiiiiigh. It's for sale if you've got… » 5/16/13 11:47pm 5/16/13 11:47pm

Brien Taylor, Former Yankees Superstar-To-Be, Arrested On Cocaine Trafficking Charges

Brien Taylor, the can't-miss prospect who missed, was arrested yesterday on a whole mess of drug charges. This comes after an undercover operation by the Carteret County (NC) Sheriff's Office, in which cops allegedly purchased large quantities of crack and cocaine from him. » 3/02/12 11:25am 3/02/12 11:25am

Professional Athlete Used Recreational Drug

Flame-throwing Dodgers reliever Ronald Belisario—who missed all of 2011 and part of the 2010 season—faces a 25-game suspension at the start of this season because of a positive cocaine test, he told reporters today. Belisario said he couldn't leave Venezuela last year because he had tested positive for cocaine at some… » 2/22/12 12:15pm 2/22/12 12:15pm

Professional Athlete Used Recreational Drug

Via the Boston Globe: "Dennis 'Oil Can' Boyd's new tell-all book, 'They Call Me Oil Can: My Life in Baseball,' which hits bookstores in June, should be a blockbuster if the stories are similar to what the former Red Sox pitcher told WBZ's Jon Miller yesterday at JetBlue Park. Boyd, who spent eight of his 10 major… » 2/09/12 12:00pm 2/09/12 12:00pm

Phillies Prospect Upset That Coke Charges Brought His Character Into Question

When young outfielder Tyson Gillies came to the Phillies organization via the 2009 Cliff Lee-to-Seattle trade, they probably didn't expect that cops would find him on the side of the road waving his shirt all happy-like, and cocaine in the backseat of the car in which the cop drove him home. But they did. » 2/26/11 1:15pm 2/26/11 1:15pm