Mark Davis Travels 500 Fucking Miles To Look Like That!

Probably no haircut in human history has communicated as devastating a summation of its owner’s entire life as the insane orange Moe Howard bowl cut sported by Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis. Carve the shape of it into the wall of his father Al Davis’s mausoleum and it will tell a richer and truer story of heredity… »10/01/15 12:32pmThursday 12:32pm

Report: Jon Gruden Is ESPN's Highest Paid On-Air Personality

James Andrew Miller, author of ESPN history Those Guys Have All The Fun, is a repository for ESPN contract information. From time to time he comes down from the mountain to share data that satisfies our most vulgar desire: to know how much money people on TV make. Last night he revealed that Jon Gruden is ESPN’s… »9/29/15 11:31amTuesday 11:31am

ESPN Says Curt Schilling Will Be Back For The Playoffs. Let's See What He's Been Up To. [UPDATE]

ESPN baseball commentator Curt Schilling, who earned himself a fairly lengthy suspension for sharing a crazy-ass meme about Muslims and Nazis on his Facebook and Twitter pages, will be back in the booth studio for ESPN’s MLB playoffs broadcasts. So, does this mean Schilling has stopped putting insane shit on his… »9/28/15 4:54pmMonday 4:54pm

How To Fix Your TV If You Couldn't See The Timeouts On Monday Night Football 

A lot of people complained last night that ESPN’s new, flashy graphics system for Monday Night Football no longer showed how many timeouts each team had remaining. That’s not true! As you can see above, the timeouts are clearly displayed beneath each team’s logo. If you couldn’t see those, then your TV isn’t set up… »9/15/15 10:11am9/15/15 10:11am

Scott Van Pelt Brought Back Ballimerese To Bring Tim Kurkjian To Uncontrollable Laughter

One of Scott Van Pelt’s recurring bits on radio was taunting fellow Maryland native Tim Kurkjian with that curious dialect known as “Ballimerese”—something that repeatedly made Kurkjian giggle like a little girl. Van Pelt brought it back tonight on SportsCenter, and it had the same effect. »9/15/15 1:49am9/15/15 1:49am

I'm Just Saying, Skip Bayless Would Be A Happier Dude If He Ate Some Popeye's

For the last two years, the only times I’ve thought very much about Skip Bayless have been whenever I remember that his diet is a cross between that of a dorm room gamer-hermit and that of a long-term fallout shelter resident, the specifics of which we found out in a Washington Post profile from 2013: »9/14/15 6:15pm9/14/15 6:15pm

Dan Patrick Returns To SportsCenter; Still Manages A Subtle, Lasting Burn

Dan Patrick returned to ESPN’s SportsCenter set tonight for the first time since leaving the Worldwide Leader in 2007. But lest you think his appearance to commemorate Scott Van Pelt’s first episode of the new solo show would bring tidings of a more lengthy homecoming for one half of the “Big Show”, Patrick let… »9/08/15 12:50am9/08/15 12:50am