Lance Berkman Is Sick Of All This Goddamn Tolerance

Lance Berkman, a bigoted Mr. Potato Head who learned how to play baseball, recently cut a political ad against an anti-discrimination ordinance that was up for a vote in Houston, Tex. Berkman was against the ordinance because it would allow “troubled men who claim to be women” to enter women’s bathrooms. The ordinance… »11/05/15 9:01am11/05/15 9:01am


Bob McNair Changes Mind, Wants Refund Of His Donation To Group Opposing Anti-Discrimination Law

Texans owner Bob McNair donated $10,000 to Campaign for Houston, a PAC that opposes an ordinance that intends to protect Houstonians from discrimination. (The opposition has mostly been from those opposed to giving protections to gay and transgender residents.) After receiving backlash for backing the group, McNair is… »10/23/15 4:37pm10/23/15 4:37pm

Lance Berkman Cites Random Men In Women's Bathrooms As Reason To Keep Discriminating

On Nov. 3, the city of Houston will vote on Proposition 1, an ordinance which would protect Houston residents from discrimination in work, public spaces, or housing. Retired MLBer Lance Berkman is against it because he doesn’t want men in women’s bathrooms. That’s not a joke. Watch the ad, paid for by Campaign for… »9/25/15 4:51pm9/25/15 4:51pm

A Potent Texan IPA That Doesn't Waste A Drop Of Water

Houston flooded last week, which is both tragic and surprising: The tragedy is self-evident, and the surprise (to me at least) is that Houston is a flooding sort of place. It turns out that Texas isn’t a giant desert, and in fact Houston gets 60 percent more annual precipitation than Seattle, and this can cause… »6/03/15 3:09pm6/03/15 3:09pm

Cops Using Ground-Penetrating Radar To Find Astrodome Time Capsule

Workers buried a time capsule at the Houston Astrodome when they broke ground over 50 years ago. The knowledge of its existence was mostly lost to history, and nobody knows exactly where it was buried. But county judge Ed Emmett is on the case, and he has the Harris County Sheriff’s bomb squad and their… »4/18/15 3:16pm4/18/15 3:16pm

Watch a Gripping, Last-Second Rescue by the Houston Fire Department

Yesterday, a giant, still under-construction apartment complex in Houston caught on fire. The flames spread quickly, and one unlucky construction worker found himself trapped on a balcony off the building's top floor. A worker at a neighboring office captured his daring escape—he was forced to leap from one floor's… »3/26/14 2:24pm3/26/14 2:24pm

Is the Long-Abandoned Astrodome Worth Saving?

When the Houston Astrodome opened in 1965, it was hailed as technological marvel, the first enclosed, air-conditioned stadium ever—and the "eighth wonder of the world," according to some Texans. By 1995, it was so dilapidated that players refused to use it. Today, it’s an abandoned shell with a different nickname:… »9/13/13 3:43pm9/13/13 3:43pm

Ex-NFL Player Brian Iwuh Crashes Into Fire Truck, Injures Firefighter

Former NFL player Brian Iwuh and a firefighter were injured this morning in Houston after Iwuh's Range Rover crashed into a fire truck early this morning, according to news reports. Houston's KHOU said that the fire truck was responding to a call around 2 a.m. when the Range Rover crashed into it from behind. »6/03/13 11:02am6/03/13 11:02am

Beer Of The Week: Blue Buck, In Time For Canadian Thanksgiving

Monday marks a holiday that in Canada is known as Thanksgiving. Any American will recognize the basic outlines of the day: Get together with friends and family and eat until you can compare stretchmarks and then succumb to naps. That doesn't mean it's the same holiday. Care to (U) guess (S) which (A) is superior? »10/06/12 6:07pm10/06/12 6:07pm

What The Astrodome Looks Like After Sitting Untouched And Rotting For A Decade

The Eighth Wonder of the World hasn't been used since the rodeo moved next door to Reliant Stadium in 2003. There are fanciful plans for the Astrodome, still preserved in time and set up for a football game of a team that doesn't exist—luxury hotel, movie studio, etc. But for now it's still just a storage shed and a… »4/04/12 10:30am4/04/12 10:30am