Robert Swift Arrested For Armed Robbery: Report

Ex-Supersonic Robert Swift—who was charged two months ago with a gun crime—was arrested Tuesday about an hour away from Seattle for armed robbery, reports KIRO. According to KIRO's report, Swift and his accomplice are not criminal masterminds: » 1/09/15 12:00am 1/09/15 12:00am

Police Raid Discovers Drugs, Hookers, Ex-Sonics Center Robert Swift

When we last checked in on former NBA center Robert Swift, in 2013, he'd left his foreclosed Washington home in a total mess. Kirkland and Redmond police raided a home on Oct. 4, and you'll never guess who they found. » 10/19/14 11:50am 10/19/14 11:50am

Eddie Vedder Is Mad At Those "Fuckers" In OKC For Stealing The Sonics.…

Here's aging dinosaur rocker Eddie Vedder at a recent concert in Charlotte, N.C., disparaging certain "fuckers" in Oklahoma City for stealing the SuperSonics from Seattle. Eddie Vedder is no friend of yours, residents of the Sooner State! » 11/05/13 6:21pm 11/05/13 6:21pm

Seattle's Bid For The Kings Increases, A Week Before The NBA Votes

Chris Hansen, whose bid to buy the Kings and move them to Seattle was thwarted by unanimous vote of the NBA's relocation committee, has upped his offer significantly. He's willing to pay $65 million more for the Maloofs' shares in the Kings, an amount that would put the franchise's valuation at a healthy $625 million. » 5/10/13 4:48pm 5/10/13 4:48pm

The Kings Agreed To Opt Out Of Revenue Sharing, Because The NBA Sucks

When the prospective ownership group led by Vivek Ranadive managed to convince the NBA's Relocation and Finance Committee to keep the Kings in Sacramento, we pointed out that the main incentive driving the NBA's decision was most definitely the city of Sacramento's willingness to build a new publicly financed stadium » 5/06/13 2:40pm 5/06/13 2:40pm

The Kings Stay Home, As The NBA Plays Sacramento Like A Fiddle

So that's that. After three years of very public courtship from Seattle, three years of fans preparing for the worst, the Kings will remain in Sacramento. Yet it's the NBA that got everything it could have wanted from this whole ghoulish process. » 4/30/13 9:02am 4/30/13 9:02am

As Sacramentans And Seattleites Fight To The Death Over The Kings, The…

Three weeks from tomorrow, the NBA Board of Governors will vote on whether the Kings will be sold to Chris Hansen, who would move them to Seattle, or to a Sacramento group committed to keeping the team in town. They're bidding against each other, and no matter who wins, both cities will lose. » 3/27/13 1:55pm 3/27/13 1:55pm

The Potential New Sonics Arena Sure Would Have A Lot Of Standing Room

The optimistic Seattle ownership group led by Chris Hansen has released some mock-ups of what the interior of a new arena might look like, and huh—it looks a lot more crowded than the last time the Sonics played in Seattle.
» 3/14/13 4:45pm 3/14/13 4:45pm

Robert Swift Finally Left His Foreclosed Home, But He Left Plenty Of…

Two weeks ago, we played a very depressing game of Where Are They Now? with Robert Swift, the big man who in 2004 jumped right out of high school to the Sonics at 12th overall. Beset by injury and ineffectiveness, Swift never put it together. In 2009, released by the Thunder, he refused a D-League assignment, then… » 3/05/13 8:35am 3/05/13 8:35am

Former Sonic Robert Swift's House Has Been Foreclosed On, But He…

Things haven't looked up in a while for Robert Swift, taken 12th overall by Seattle in 2004. He bailed on a 2009 D-League assignment after two games, citing personal reasons. He spent a year playing in Japan, but that team folded, unable to stay afloat on the star power of Robert Swift. » 2/22/13 10:40am 2/22/13 10:40am

A History Lesson For Sacramento: How Kansas City Lost The Kings

The owners insisted they had no plans to move the team. That's what the Maloofs swore, raising their right hand as their left hand worked deals with buyers first from Anaheim, then Virginia Beach, then Seattle. And that's what the owners of the Kansas City Kings maintained 30 years ago, even as they did everything in… » 1/24/13 11:05am 1/24/13 11:05am

Shawn Kemp Feels Bad For Sacramento Losing The Kings, But Says Seattle…

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: The Reign Man says business is business. » 1/22/13 7:00pm 1/22/13 7:00pm

That Kings-To-Seattle Deal Might Not Be So Finalized After All

Basketball's return to Seattle seems to have hit an unexpected snag at the 11th hour. Here's Adrian Wojnarowski describing just how close to done the sale of the Sacramento Kings was a few hours ago: » 1/09/13 4:43pm 1/09/13 4:43pm

It Looks Like The Sacramento Kings Are Headed To Seattle

Just a few minutes ago, Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski reported that a near-finalized deal is in place to move the Sacramento Kings to Seattle: » 1/09/13 2:25pm 1/09/13 2:25pm

Finally, Someone Built The New Sonics Arena Out Of 110 Pounds Of Butter

We should note that this is not actually the new Sodo arena, with which Seattle hopes to lure an NBA franchise; this is only a model. And not a strictly accurate one—unless I misunderstand the load-bearing properties of butter, I do not believe the inside is hollow and contains a little butter court with little butter… » 10/24/12 5:40pm 10/24/12 5:40pm

Mark Cuban: No One In The NBA Would Stop A Franchise From Moving To…

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: Cubes thinks it's a matter of time before the Sonics return to Seattle. » 10/01/12 6:10pm 10/01/12 6:10pm

Can Seattle Support Any More Sports Teams?

It's more or less assumed that if Chris Hansen and Seattle can build a new arena, the reincarnated Sonics would return. It's probably just a matter of time before the NHL tries its hand in the American Cascadia. Seattle is a wonderful sports town and is unrepresented in two of the four major sports, but might there be… » 7/16/12 3:25pm 7/16/12 3:25pm

Gary Payton Has A Message For Seattle: "It's Not Our Team Anymore,…

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: Payton says he'll do all he can to bring a new team to Seattle. » 6/14/12 5:45pm 6/14/12 5:45pm

Pacific Northwest Newspaper Headline Sums Up Entire Region's Feelings:…

At first glance, it looks like some copy editor is trolling Sonics fans on the sports front of the Tri-City Herald in Kennewick, Wash. But then you get to that subhead, and the intention becomes perfectly obvious. It's been four years since the Sonics packed up and left for the Great Plains, and it's still too soon. » 6/07/12 6:25pm 6/07/12 6:25pm