Never Mind That Last-Minute $37M Doha Paid To Win The IAAF Championships

Last week, Doha, Qatar was named the host city for the 2019 IAAF Track and Field World Championships, beating out Eugene, Oregon, and Barcelona, Spain. Now it emerges that the Doha bid offered up about $37 million in "incentives" in the minutes before the vote, and the IAAF wants everyone to know there's nothing wrong… » 11/25/14 3:50pm 11/25/14 3:50pm

When A Famed Nike Coach Tried To Steal A Race, A Track Protest Was Born

The scene was unprecedented: seven runners walking off the track hand in hand, in quiet protest against their own governing body. The women had just run the 1,500-meter race at the U.S. indoor national championships on Feb. 23 in Albuquerque. The day before, the winner of the 3,000-meter race, Gabe Grunewald, had been… » 3/07/14 12:48pm 3/07/14 12:48pm

The Fall Of Texas Track Coach Bev Kearney Required Awesome Hubris

Texas Monthly this week threw a Proustian 12,800 words at the sad, strange story of Bev Kearney, and if you manage to read the entire thing, because perhaps you've had a flight canceled or you're pulling a double shift in the parking garage tollbooth, you'll likely follow a winding trajectory in trying to decide… » 10/10/13 12:43am 10/10/13 12:43am

The Boston Bombing Witch Hunt Bags Another Innocent Kid

On Monday, the New York Post doggedly stuck to its claim that 12 were killed in the Boston Marathon bombings. On Tuesday, CNN (among others) reported that a suspect had been arrested, before walking that all the way back. Today, the Post wrests back the "what the fuck are you doing?" crown by putting two "potential… » 4/18/13 10:29am 4/18/13 10:29am

Margaret Thatcher's Granddaughter Runs College Track For Richmond

The woman you see here is reading a passage from the book of Ephesians earlier today at the funeral of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher. It's Thatcher's 19-year-old granddaughter, Amanda, and she's apparently a hit with the UK papers. Gawker's got a pretty good rundown on who Amanda Thatcher is,… » 4/17/13 7:07pm 4/17/13 7:07pm

Sext-Happy Former Toledo Running Coach Denies Sex Harassment, Other…

On Saturday, Kevin Hadsell, the former director of the University of Toledo's track and cross country programs, sat down with a local news station for his first interview since our story about his departure amid sexual harassment claims. He was by turns defiant and penitent. He cried some, too, as he told WNWO's Will… » 2/22/13 2:40pm 2/22/13 2:40pm

Report: Oscar Pistorius Attempted To Revive Reeva Steenkamp, Who Was…

South African newspaper Beeld has contacted sources close to the police investigation of Oscar Pistorius's shooting of Reeva Steenkamp and filled in a few details about that morning: First, police believe that Steenkamp was sitting "on the lavatory"—bathroom sink—when Pistorius shot her through the bathroom door, and… » 2/16/13 11:15am 2/16/13 11:15am

Usain Bolt Continues To Move His Feet Incredibly Quickly, Even When…

The hijinks were fairly low-wattage on the first night of the NBA's All-Star Weekend— the Rising Stars game saw Kenneth Faried score 40 points on 18 of 22 shooting and Kyrie Irving do this to Brandon Knight, while United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan scored 11 points in the celebrity game (six less than… » 2/16/13 9:30am 2/16/13 9:30am

"I'm Down For Drinks, Laughs, Sex": The Sexual Harassment Claims That…

It was a matter of rules and consequences, he said. On Jan. 24, Kevin Hadsell, the director of the University of Toledo's men's and women's cross country and women's track program, announced his resignation, a move that was as mysterious as it was abrupt. Hadsell had been at Toledo since 1998, and in the intervening… » 2/12/13 2:45am 2/12/13 2:45am

Crazy Person Tackles Runner Mid-Race; Runner Wins Anyway

We don't want to give Kenyan runner Edwin Kipsang Rotich too much credit, because this race in Brazil over the weekend was a 10k, giving him plenty of time to make up for nearly getting bowled over by a spectator. His attacker was detained by police, who say he has a history of psychiatric problems and "has… » 1/08/13 6:45pm 1/08/13 6:45pm