11 Alcorn State Football Players Arrested After Massive Cafeteria Brawl

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Eleven football players at Alcorn State have been arrested for their roles in a sprawling fight that broke out in a school cafeteria on April 10, according to the Jackson Clarion-Ledger. Police told the paper more arrests are expected to be made on Thursday. The fight was filmed by multiple students on the scene, who posted some truly wild (for a college campus, at least) clips to social media.

The fight, which started for still unknown reasons, reportedly began in the dining hall, where students punched and tackled one another into tables, chairs, and condiments, before spilling into the parking lot in front of the building.

Outside, the fight continued in front of what appears to either be a campus or local police officer, who stood by his patrol car and watched the fight unfold.

Alcorn State head coach Fred McNair, brother of former Tennessee Titan legend Steve McNair, did not respond to the Ledger’s request for comment. The school released a statement in response to the fight, per ESPN:

“Maintaining a safe and secure campus community is the institution’s top priority,” Alcorn State said in a statement. “Campus police investigate all instances of student misconduct thoroughly and appropriate disciplinary actions are implemented in accordance with Alcorn’s student code of conduct.”’


Per the Ledger, the following players have been arrested:

  • Sophomore defensive back Lei’shaun Ealey
  • Sophomore defensive back Deago Sama
  • Freshman defensive back Taurence Wilson
  • Freshman defensive back Javen Morrison
  • Junior defensive back Daniel Franklin
  • Sophomore linebacker Terry Whittington
  • Sophomore linebacker Trae Ferrell
  • Freshman defensive lineman Kwanzi Jackson
  • Sophomore defensive back Quintin Smith
  • Junior defensive end Michael Brooks and junior defensive back Jalen Thomas