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WSJ's The Daily Fix alerted us to anniversary that, like just about everything does anymore, succeeded in making us feel old: Today is the 20th anniversary of Lawrence Taylor's brutal hit on Joe Theismann, breaking his leg and ending his career. (The Washington Post has a fantastic story about this today.)

If you're really feeling like you would rather return the lunch you just had to sender, you can watch the video of the play right here. Watching it, we had actually forgotten how terrified LT looks when he starts waving for help from the sidelines; how nasty does something have to be to scare Lawrence Taylor? Also, if you need to know how far the NFL on television has come in two decades, simply look at the "reverse angle" shot of Theismann's injury; it appears to be the only camera they had at the stadium. Cute.


The Hit That Changed a Career [Washington Post] (via The Daily Fix)
Theismann's Broken Leg [Extreme Sports Clips] (VIDEO)

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