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2013 Deadspin Hall Of Fame Nominee: Rocket Frog

This remarkable photograph of a frog's ascension into the heavens was captured during the September launch of NASA's LADEE-laden Minotaur V Rocket. We'd like to think that, instead of succumbing to fiery death and returning to Earth as fried grenouille a la NASA, Rocket Frog slipped the surly bonds of Earth and made it into orbit, where he remains today, hopping from star to star for all eternity. If nothing else, our brave little friend certainly made for some fantastic photoshop submissions that will live forever.


But is Rocket Frog a Deadspin Hall of Famer? That's for you to help decide by voting below. Polls will remain open until 11:59 p.m. (EST) Sunday. Just remember the threshold for induction is 75 percent of the yes votes.

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