2013 was the year we argued over how to pronounce GIF and made a lot of them (almost 1,500). Here's the favorite GIFs we made the past 12 months, in no particular order.

50 Cent Tries To Kiss Erin Andrews

Bears Fan Runs Into A Pole

Girl Flips Bird, Gets Socked In The Face

Weird Bob Ley Face

Brewers Fan Moobs

The Buttslide

Nnnnnhh, Peppermint Roll!

Denard Robinson's Friend

Eminem Being A Weirdo

Kimye Engaged

Disappearing Klinsmann

Klopp Rage


Macho Man Browns Fan

Max Papis Slapped

Scared Pitino

Popcorn Guy

The Poor Boxer

Another Poor Boxer

Unconscious Rocky

Tom Brady Left Hanging

Unsafe IndyCar

If your favorite isn't here, that's probably because we didn't make it. Comment below with anything we missed.