Is it just me or per capita do people get arrested more in Tampa than any other city? You'd think with a strip club like Mons Venus everyone would always be in a good mood. Sadly, that's not the case. The latest Tampa casualty? Bucs safety Donte Nicholson.

Yeah, I don't know who Nicholson is either. Nevertheless, after coming to the aid of his roommate (who falsely claimed to be a Bucs player) during the roommate's arrest, Nicholson was held on the ground and tased. Cue The Tampa Tribune:

When Nicholson refused to stay on the ground, the deputy fired a shot at him with his stun gun, Bordner said.

It didn't faze Nicholson, Bordner said. As Nicholson began to pull the electric probes from his body, the deputy reactivated his Taser, sending another jolt of electricity into Nicholson's body. That subdued Nicholson, who then was arrested, Bordner said.

Is there anything scarier than tasing someone and having them calmly start removing the electric probes? I think I would have run then.


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